Sir; Whether the driver is global warming or a desire to reduce energy costs, the focus on sustainable, efficient buildings is growing.

As supermarkets face a continued reliance upon contractors to manage demand, just how easy is it to ensure compliance to ever-increasing regulations? And how joined up are the processes for inspecting and managing quality, ensuring problems are not repeated again and again due to a lack of understanding about the new regulations?

With increasing investment into new, sustainable and recycled materials, there is a constant flow of information to influence environmentally focused design. The challenge is pulling such resources together to create one sustainable build.

Many organisations and individuals are actively embracing sustainable builds, and are prepared to pay over the odds for innovative solutions that achieve a significant reduction in emissions and energy requirements. The growing environmental awareness is providing new opportunities for competitive differentiation.

Transferring knowledge and experiences between offices across the world and creating a strong community of interest will provide confidence to use newer materials and techniques designed to reduce emissions and boost environmental ratings.