The category chart is relatively stable this week, with the top four maintaining the same positions. However, there are differences in terms of the share of activity.
Last week alcoholic drinks stood well ahead of the field, a full four percentage points in front of frozen.
This week that lead has been reduced to less than one percentage point as competition between the two categories builds up.
Soft drinks and health and beauty have both lost ground, with soft drinks being the biggest loser despite the continued activity on such brands as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Pepsi, with Coca-Cola remaining in the brand chart.
Household sneaks in at number five, even though the category is not represented by any products in the brand share chart. Bold, Fairy, Flash and Surf all contribute, with a range of promotions on side stacks and gondola ends. The category is dominated by price promotions and extra-fill offers with the obligatory bogofs also making an appearance.
Confectionery dominates the top five in the brand share chart, with Walkers in the lead.