Shellfish sales in the UK have risen by more than £30m in the last year.
Latest figures from TNS show total sales of the category (chilled and frozen) have increased to more than £286m.
UK consumers spent almost £90m on chilled prawns alone in the past year, an annual increase of 26%, and the average household is now buying prawns at least four times a year.
Multiple retailers continue to strengthen their position in terms of chilled shellfish which accounts for 90% of consumer spend on shellfish.
In the frozen sector, prawns and scampi dominate, accounting for more than 90% of consumer expenditure on shellfish. Tania Gross, seafish manager at Sea Fish, says: "The rise in shellfish sales indicates not only that shellfish is increasing in popularity, but also that consumers are broadening their tastes and incorporating less sought after seafood into their every day diet."