Scottish mussel production rises 49%, oysters 13% Production of Scottish shellfish is set to increase steadily over the next few years, according to the Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2001. However consolidation in the £4m industry is evident, with the number of active companies continuing to fall from a peak of 229 in 1990 to 173 at the end of last year, with 261 sites being farmed. Employment rose 2%. The number of sites producing for consumption has risen from 53% to 66%. Pacific oyster production rose 13%, and mussel production 49%, thanks to markets being developed and prices remaining high. Shetland's mussel production rose more than 100% to 822 tonnes, 28% of total Scottish production. Output of farmed scallops and queens decreased 27% and 43% respectively as a result of environmental influences which caused area closures and prevented sales, despite strong demand. {{MEAT }}