Records on availability took a hammering this week when not one of The Grocer 33 baskets came back full.
The failure was the second this year ­ our first shop of the year in January also failed to yield a full basket.
In the five-year history of Grocer 33, this is only the third occasion every basket was missing one item or more.
This week Asda tripped up on Penguins which, if in stock, would have given the store the cheapest full basket at £36.75.
Just over £1 separated the next four baskets when out of stocks were taken into account, while the Co-op would have been the dearest at £42.43.
Meanwhile, Tesco has managed to end Sainsbury's unprecedented run of having the best performing store for five consecutive weeks.
Tesco in Consett put in a strong performance on all fronts this week ­ which included having the cheapest full basket in our Spotlight category.
As a result, it pipped Sainsbury in Stirling to the post and was named our store of the week. Safeway's Horndean store was cluttered, but the checkout operator was welcoming and the packer speedy and careful.
Somerfield in Ivybridge was also praised by our shopper for being a well run store. The Co-op was quiet, but checkout time was lengthened when the operator had leave the till to answer a staff query.