More than half of shoppers are still spending less than £10 on impulse purchases each week, according to exclusive research for The Grocer by HI Europe.
This is despite the emergence of higher-margin non-food categories, such as electricals and CDs, in the list of items people buy during their grocery shop without forward planning.
However, the survey of 2,000 people showed that while a third spent less than £5, a significant 5% admitted to spending more than £51 on impulse buys in a typical week. Tesco is by far the most used supermarket, with 36% of respondents saying they did the bulk of their shop there. Asda was identified by 21% and Sainsbury and Safeway/ Morrisons by 15% each.
Certain categories within stores, such as tinned food, soft drinks, household cleaning products, ready meals and frozen produce, were identified as failing to appeal to shoppers. The fresh fruit and vegetables category was identified as the favourite area in-store to shop.
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