Most shoppers given paper money-off coupons often neglect to use them, according to research.

The study of 107 shoppers, carried out online and in face-to-face interviews in shopping centres, revealed that 95% of those who used a retail loyalty card had received discount coupons from the stores concerned.

But 75% said they

frequently forgot to redeem the coupons, even though some of the offers were for items they normally bought.

Respondents also said they found carrying bits of paper around inconvenient.

But 88% of those quizzed said their apathy towards money-off schemes could be overcome if they were offered discount methods that were more convenient to use than paper coupons.

The research was done by London-based JD Marketing on behalf of personalised marketing specialist Pay By Touch, which claims to have solved low redemption rates, with Smartshop.

This system lets shoppers collect their offers by

identifying themselves at a kiosk when they enter a store. Then, by identifying themselves again before leaving, discounts are

automatically redeemed against purchased items, without coupon slips.

Smartshop was already in use in the US, and would be rolled out in the UK soon, claimed Pay By Touch.