>>colour-coding has yet to make an impact on shoppers...widespread ignorance of different battery types...brand loyalty is low...

The main change we picked up on from August 2004 to August 2005 was the increased availability of batteries, with regular responses of “you don’t have so much of a problem now as most places seem to sell them”.
However, colour-coding has not been noticed by the majority of shoppers, and so far there is a lack of awareness regarding lithium batteries.
Only a very small number of the battery-buying public were aware of the recent colour-coding initiative.
72% of respondents did not know that colour-coding could improve their ease of product selection, although the most commonly purchased brand - Duracell - now features colour-coding prominently on its packaging.
This suggests that shoppers are not using packaging cues in their decision-making process.
They are still looking at the product itself and the size code.
The majority of respondents had a very high number of battery-powered household
gadgets, including remote controls for