A fifth of UK shoppers in supermarkets spend more than 30 seconds checking product information before putting an item in their trolley, according to retail display specialist ZBD.

In a survey of 999 consumers, women were found to take more notice than men of an item's ingredients and nutritional information, with one quarter spending over 30 seconds looking at product labels.

Shoppers from social classes with a lower income were found to be more interested in the items they were buying. Nearly one in three of those in social class DE spent double the time of those from groups A and B examining information.David Rogers, VP sales and marketing, ZBD Displays, said: "Up to 70% of buying decisions within UK supermarkets are made at the point of purchase. This research shows people are taking a significant interest in the food they buy.

"Customers want clear information in terms of ingredients, nutrition, best before dates and price."