Shoppers prefer bogofs over three-for-two deals and two for £2-type promos, a survey has claimed.

The Shoppercentric survey, which involved online interviews with 1,054 shoppers, found 79% said they would buy bogofs, against 53% for three-for-two deals and 36% for ‘two for £x’ deals. Just 21% plumped for meal deals, while 69% preferred money off single items.

The findings go against the experiences of the major retailers, which have been ditching bogofs in favour of other deals. Earlier this month, The Grocer revealed 59% of Sainsbury’s deals were half-price offers and just 4% were bogofs.

Eighty-three percent of those polled either agreed or strongly agreed that they looked for promotions that saved money. A further 64% agreed or strongly agreed that they avoided shops they thought were more expensive or upmarket, while just 27% said they now used local shops more to avoid wasting petrol.

“In today’s changing circumstances the grocery market should not overload shoppers with too many promotions because it causes confusion and erodes brand equity,” said Shoppercentric chief executive Danielle Pinnington.