The information provided in these tables is based on observations and interviews conducted exclusively for The Grocer by Visuality. The research was conducted by identifying the shopping habits of 336 shoppers in a selection of supermarkets across the north and south of England between 7 and 10 September.

Interaction/conversion rates

Passed by and did not look30%

Looked but did not stop8%

Shopped and bought56%

Shopped but did not buy6%

Actual purchase90%

Postponed purchase10%

Intention to buy vs impulse purchase

Intended to purchase today88%

Didn't intend to purchase today12%

Do you always buy the same brand?



Did you consider another brand?

Yes 48%

No 52%

If the brand wasn't available?

Buy another brand48%

Leave it until another time36%

Buy elsewhere16%

What do you think of the range today?

Very good32%



Did anything catch your eye??

Yes 12%

No 88%


Female 76%



35-55 56%

55+ 25%