With Easter but a memory, stores can take a breather before the English summer starts in earnest.
Chocoholics have emptied the multiples of eggs and bunnies and with the May Bank Holiday just round the corner, stores can hope for good weather to help them achieve sales uplifts in beers, wines and spirits.
Alcohol is about to take a strong foothold in the amount of promotional space available, and this trade will be well supported with the many sporting activities happening through the summer.
In seeing early additional space allocated across the multiples for Stella Artois, John Smith’s and Carlsberg, it remains to be seen how early the uplift occurs.
All the multiples have started the summer season with some strong offers on wine and beers and by adding these purchases to those on barbecue lines such as beef burgers we can already see what the stores’ intentions are.
Alcohol is surging into first place while soft drinks are rallying and will compete directly throughout the summer. The two will occupy the top positions until well into the third quarter.