B2B e-commerce specialist GXS has launched a trading platform enabling small as well as large players to benefit from clean data and electronic transactions.
Dubbed the grid, the platform will simplify the interface between trading partners and facilitate business processes from data validation to order lifecycle management.
It will also link to electronic data pools across the globe, said GXS global head of retail strategy Alex Schumacher.
“Rather than simply managing EDI transactions, the grid will allow retailers and suppliers of all sizes to integrate and communicate with each other, whatever systems they use.” GXS’s existing clients such as Tesco and Iceland will automatically migrate towards the grid, said Schumacher, but smaller players can also benefit.
“Say a small supplier wants to generate advance shipping notes or print barcode labels for a customer - they can do that on the grid. Likewise, companies taking a lot of direct store deliveries can use the grid to manage invoicing, as that’s often riddled with mistakes.”
The grid has alerts and exception reporting tools so that the relevant parties only get informed when data moves outside of pre-set boundaries.