ABP launches initiative to boost carcase quality control Carcase quality is one casualty of foot and mouth, livestock movement restrictions causing logjams in the production channels farmers have developed to ensure animals graze, eat supplementary feed and are sent for killing on schedules optimising weight, leanness and even conformation. The difficulty in finding enough carcases "to spec" is cited by buyers as one justification for increasing imports. The current pressure on carcase standards and on supplier-customer relations gives added topicality to a livestock quality initiative launched by the biggest slaughtering group, Anglo Beef Processors. Meetings with producer groups supplying each ABP abattoir to offer technical advice, partly based on MLC research, are part of a programme long predating the epidemic, but md Richard Cracknell acknowledges: "FMD has dealt another blow to our industry. It is now more important than ever for the processor to work more closely with the producers to improve the hit rate of cattle specification." Cracknell, whose major customers are Sainsbury and Asda, looks for carcase weights in the 280-360kg range with 3/4L fat cover. {{MEAT }}