The UK’s supermarkets insisted they were well prepared ahead of yesterday’s introduction of the tobacco display ban for large stores in England.

Although the major multiples are all using slightly different systems to comply with the new regulations, most have employed sliding doors to cover displays while allowing staff easy access to the products.

Most retailers also said there had been minimal disruption in store as the installation process only takes about two hours. They have also trained up staff in order to mimimise any extra queuing times and ensure compliance with the law while serving customers.

However, last week The Grocer revealed that during trials of covered up tobacco kiosks, sales had fallen by up to 3% in some stores.

This week, health minister Anne Milton said “banning displays of cigarettes and tobacco will help young people resist the pressure to start smoking and help the thousands of adults in England who are currently trying to quit.”

Administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are currently working on similar display bans.