Unilever’s Slim-Fast brand is to add to its rapidly expanding territory by making a debut in ice cream.
The launch of two ice cream multipacks under the famous dieting banner, priced at £2.49 for four portions, is part of Unilever’s strategy to win the hearts and minds of health-conscious ice cream lovers.
Its new line-up will also include lower fat versions of top-selling brands Magnum and Carte d’Or.
However, the food giant is likely to face stiff competition from Richmond Foods’ low-fat Skinny Cow range, already on sale in Asda, and Atkins-branded low carbohydrate products, which are expected in the UK later this year.
Elsewhere, Unilever has earmarked a £23m media push to back its full range, which now includes a truffle-centred Magnum Intense offering and a limited edition series of Cornetto Love Potions. The biggest investments will be made in Magnum, Carte D’Or and Cornetto, which each receive £6.5m.
There are also new and revamped children’s products based on a licensing agreement with the film Shrek 2, including a summer puzzle promotion. Revamps for Cream of Cornish, Soft Scoop and Viennetta have also been ordered.
Meanwhile, Richmond Ice Cream is adding to its armoury with additions to its portfolio of Nestlé confectionery branded ice creams. Yorkie and Toffee Crisp products are set to hit freezers next month in impulse and take-home formats.