Smarties a superfood? Sounds unlikely, but not that unlikely after Nestlé said it would be bringing back blue ones - axed in 2006 - coloured with an extract from spirulina seaweed.

Spirulina is no ordinary seaweed, you see.

According to one website, health benefits include "increased energy, detoxification of the body and a significant boost to the immune system".

"Very few foods can claim to be as good for you as spirulina," reads the blurb.

Another site says that spirulina is "nature's richest wholefood source of biochelated organic iron. It is 58 times richer than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver."

All that nutrition from just one Smartie? What a relief it will be for parents to know there's a much easier way to ensure their kids get their recommended daily amount of biochelated organic iron. No more mealtimes spent force-feeding them uncooked offal.

Looking for a solution to the obesity crisis? Maybe Smarties really do have the answer.