And now we have Margaret Beckett declaring that to survive, British farmers must produce much cheaper food. Are the public really calling for cheap food? Twenty-five years ago we spent 30% of our income feeding our families, today only 10%. The public must not be faced with poor quality, unregulated food that will do them more harm than good. There must be choice, food must be safe, traceable and labelled. It is then up to us to purchase the standard, the quality, and the degree of scientific interference our food receives. The public want and must have value for money; I think we all know the most reliable, assured source of that. I believe cheap food'; imports in particular, should carry a Government health warning! At a time when the world is in turmoil, and terrorists are hell bent on introducing deadly diseases into America and probably the UK too, British agriculture is in a position to drag itself out of the doldrums of the past five years. It is poised,and must take this opportunity to take its place among the major producing industries in this country. What a pity that Lord Haskins' report makes no mention about the importance of ensuring that we as a nation are in a position to feed our population whatever the future might bring! Is it not time for this Labour government to break the habits of a lifetime, become patriotic and support British agriculture! {{NEWS }}