Annual consumption of soft drinks is forecast to soar by nearly 19% to 186 litres per person by 2007, according to a new report from market analyst Datamonitor.
The value of the UK soft drinks market is also set to rise by almost 30% to just under £13bn, driven by sales of bottled water, which are predicted to increase by 41% to £910m by 2007.
According to the research, by 2007 Brits will drink 1,446 million litres, or 24 litres per person, of bottled water a year - representing 46% growth.
Datamonitor consumer markets analyst Dominik Nosalik said an on-the-go culture had created a strong demand for refreshment in a variety of out-of-home locations.
This was driving sales of soft drinks because they were more accessible and convenient than other drinks.