John Menzies Wholesale has expanded its range management and space planning service to provide a boost to independents' magazine sales and profits. During the past five years JM has established a successful magazine service to the multiples. Working in partnership with more than 20 leading retailers, the focus is now on achieving similar results with the independent trade. Investment of more than £50,000, from leading software development company Galleria, in combination with JM's own in-house research expertise, has given rise to the SpaceRanger. This range management software hopes to ensure the independents' customer has the same quality of range and space planning to match the multiples. John Ward, sales and marketing director of John Menzies Distribution, said: "SpaceRanger has been developed to provide a tailor-made service that is unique to each and every customer. It is a complete service which includes range, display and maintenance guidelines. "SpaceRanger will offer free, impartial and professional advice to retailers on how to maximise return from space available. It utilises individual retailer's own magazine sales and has the flexibility to then incorporate the key consumer influences within the local area. John Menzies is confident that SpaceRanger will create the most profitable magazine range for that retailer's business and initial research has confirmed excellent results. "SpaceRanger is all about making sure the retailer sells the right range, professionally presented to target the needs of local markets." {{CTN }}