GlaxoSmithKline has announced a further raft of activity within its range of painkilling brands.

Solpadeine and Hedex Ibuprofen are the latest to get attention from the pharmaceuticals giant. The former gets a new Headache variant which will be on general sale, to give the traditionally pharmacy-only brand its first addition for almost five years.

The paracetamol and caffeine combination will complement the existing line-up which includes the Plus and Max variants. A spokesman said the newcomer, which will be available in packs of eight and 16 tablets (rsp: £1.69 and £2.99), was aimed at the “70% of people
who buy pain relief products specifically for a headache”.

He added: “The Solpadeine brand enjoys exceptionally high customer loyalty and the introduction of Headache is expected to bring new users on board.”

Meanwhile, GSK has put Hedex Ibuprofen into a ‘purse pack’ designed for women’s handbags. The 12-tablet, round metallic card will carry an rsp of £1.29 for 12 tablets and should benefit from the Hedex brand’s recent £800,000 round of satellite TV backing.