?"Grocers are focusing more on price discounts than their pharmacy colleagues, which is driving volume but at the expense of value growth. What grocers are doing more often - and particularly well in a number of cases - is to drive off-shelf display of the cold and flu category in the key season."

Kathy Roe GSK senior brand manager, cold/flu

?"Trust in established brands is, perhaps, more important in this category than others. Brands with a heritage help instil confidence where consumers have traditionally been more reliant on professional recommendation than self-selection. Consumers want to stay healthy and are willing to spend money on products that will help them do this and in which they trust."

Julia Redman Vicks brand manager

?"The way cough sweets and throat lozenges have been merchandised has changed. There are better off-shelf displays, such as our front-of-till impulse unit, ladders, prominent display at peak times, greater focus on merchandising based on efficacy, and more promotions during the beginning and end of the season for everyday relief products. While most consumers do go down the cough/cold aisle to buy these, having off-shelf displays and front-of-store presence increase brand awareness and impulse buys."

Mike Tipping Cadbury Trebor Bassett head of customer relations

?"Winter remedies is not an area where people go to their GP. GPs simply don't have the time for this and are encouraging sufferers to go to their pharmacy."

Alison Hall Benylin senior product manager