The Soya Protein Association is to launch a consumer education campaign after fresh research suggested soya protein could help to reduce blood cholesterol levels. SPA chairman Peter Fitch said: "We have convinced the scientists of health benefits, and now it's a question of educating consumers." The Joint Health Claims Initiative, an independent organisation of representatives from consumer protection groups, food law enforcers and the food industry, said it had received advice from seven UK scientists that the inclusion of at least 25g of soya protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat, could help reduce blood cholesterol levels. Fitch said the bulk of soya protein was used in animal feed, and soya was still seen as a poor alternative to meat and dairy products because, in the past, manufacturers may not have taken care over taste. He said: "As a high percentage of the population is reducing meat to lower cholesterol, the time is right to prepare a careful education campaign, avoiding confusing health messages." {{NEWS }}