Speciality food is worth £3.6bn a year, 20% up from 1998. That’s 5% of the value of the food and drink industry. Approximately 52,000 full time equivalent jobs are supported by speciality production. That’s 10% of employment in the food and drink industry [DTZ Pieda Consulting on behalf of FFB and MAFF].

Food From Britain has fostered the speciality industry via a range of tailored business development and marketing services delivered at a national and local level. Services are channelled through six regional food groups, three country food groups in England, and via representative organisations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These organisations help speciality producers find new customers and raise the profile of their products in their region. Food from Britain has launched the first ever British Speciality shopping mall on the internet. To order samples or go shopping look up www.speciality-foods.com.