Multiples support campaign to boost wild boar meat
A new campaign is being launched this month to encourage consumers to take an increased interest in British wild boar meat and meat products.
The start of a three-year marketing initiative by the British Wild Boar Association, the campaign will use instore promotions and other print material, recipe development for consumers and caterers, extensive PR and marketing support, together with exhibitions.
BWBA director Keith Taylor said: "We will be working closely with Association members and the trade encouraging them to feature and display wild boar cuts and other products.
"We have a dynamic programme ahead and I have no doubt that increasing public and trade awareness of the benefits of British wild boar will increase consumption and enjoyment levels."
The BWBA says boar meat is denser, richer and more nutritious than most other red meats but with considerably less fat and cholesterol. When cooked correctly it is tender and moist.
A number of major multiples, butchers and other outlets have already committed themselves to support the initiative, said Taylor.
"Wild boar meat is profitable to the trade but is not expensive for what many might consider a luxury. And it is a truly indigenous foodstuff."
There are some 100 breeders in Britain delivering about 25,000kg to the meat trade or direct to restaurants primarily.
The campaign has the support of the Meat and Livestock Commission as well as Food from Britain.

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