Sir; Like many other journalists, you seem to think its clever to bash anything that's New Labour. Your spoof memo last week, which you suggested might have gone from the pm to Stephen Byers was grossly unfair to the Blair administration. It's sympathy, not satire, they need, given the piles of problems they inherited from the Tories. Like a lot of other journalists you find it convenient to blame the government for the Rip-off Britain campaign, when surely your attacks should be aimed at a branch of your own industry ­ the Murdoch press. Have you forgotten the slurs the grocery sector had to bear from The Sunday Times? It was in its columns that the Rip-off idea first saw the light of day. And while we're on the subject, lay off Nick Brown. "Ingratiating himself" with the grocers is exactly what he should be doing. J Thompson Coventry Editor's note: Mr Thompson has misunderstood my comment about Nick Brown. The point of the paragraph was to suggest that Nick is probably grocery's only friend at the Blair cabinet table! {{LETTERS }}