Booths, Ilkley

Date of shop: 18.11.05

Time of shop: 10.09

Time taken in store: 63 mins Time taken at checkout: 3 mins

Number of items: 25

Out of stocks: 0

Price paid for 25 products: £30.80This small Booths store in Ilkley performed excellently despite not stocking many of the own label products on our list.

Our shopper praised the store’s clean and tidy appearance, adding that all aisles were free of obstructions and packing trolleys.

Staff on the shop floor were more than helpful when asked for assistance, and our shopper was also struck by how well presented they all appeared.

Seven of the store’s 11 checkouts were in operation - and she only had a one-minute wait before her items were scanned.

She also complimented the checkout assistant, who served her in a polite and efficient manner, as well as packing all of her goods.

Our shopper paid £30.80 for the 25 items that she managed to gather. Own label products not stocked were: double cream, quiche lorraine, white rolls, prawns, vanilla ice cream and rubber gloves.