Media slurs infuriate growers English sprout growers, which account for a £30m industry peaking traditionally over Christmas and the New Year, have been incensed by national media reports that the festive vegetable might be responsible for headaches, stomach pains and fatigue. The claims originated at Europe's food sensitivity specialist, the York Nutritional Laboratory, and are based on a survey to be published in full later this year. The Laboratory believes that while vegetables are good for the majority of people, a significant proportion are allergic to members of the mustard food family which includes Brussels sprouts. The report was picked up by some national tabloids and exaggerated. Producers, led by Bedfordshire Growers, one of the largest suppliers, feared the publicity would affect sales, although this does not seem to have been the case. Meanwhile, the YNL has apologised and corrected the headline of its offending press release ­ You don't need European legislation to know that Brussels sprouts aren't good for you'. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}