James Robertson & Sons is playing the convenience card with the launch of its first range of squeezable jams. In contrast with its rival Chivers Hartley which last week announced it was bringing out jam in gualapack squeezable packaging, the new Robertson's jam comes in a clear polypropylene bottle with fliptop lid. The range includes strawberry and raspberry seedless jams. Sarah Johnson, senior brand manager for preserves at Centura Foods (which owns Robertson's), said the company had spent two years on work aiming to ensure the squeezable version replicated the quality, taste and texture of the traditional Robertson's jams. "We have ensured it is not the wishy washy mush that could be associated with squeezable jams," said Johnson. While the jam is safer and more hygienic for kids to use, the product is aimed at mums with kids ­ rather than targeting kids themselves. Johnson said: "The mistake some manufacturers run into is making a preserve aimed at kids as there is just no pester power in this category." The autumn marketing campaign includes six-sheet posters, shippers in store as well as price promotions. Johnson said: "The preserves category is generally low interest so anything that stands out and is a bit different is going to add value to the category." Centura's premium marmalade brand Frank Cooper is also introducing peel free and 3-Fruit variants to its Oxford Marmalade range. {{P&P }}