Skincare brand St Ives has developed a moisturising cream designed to last all day long.
Developed in response to consumer research, St Ives 24 Hour Moisture is aimed at persuading more than 75% of women who don’t use a body lotion to buy into the market,
said the company. It said that many women complained that existing lotions were too greasy and didn’t absorb well or didn’t last long enough.
The new product, it said, was clinically proven to do exactly what it said on the label.
Rolling out now, the new offering, which comes in Normal and Dry Skin variants, comes in three sizes, rsp: £1.49-£4.99.
Jim Gondes, vice-president of skin care for St Ives, said: “Consumers told us they wanted a lotion that helps heal dry skin, is non-greasy, long-lasting and absorbs quickly. This provides all these benefits.”