Independent supermarket Stans Superstore is once again pledging to sell the lowest-price fuel in Britain.

Last summer, despite soaring fuel prices, the Shropshire-based store slashed the price of unleaded petrol to 99.9ppl and a litre of diesel to 112.9ppl.

Last week the chain cut the price of fuel to 99.9ppl for both unleaded and diesel, when many of its competitors were selling fuel at more than £1 a litre.

Due to rising fuel prices, Stans had to raise the price to 100.9ppl but if customers spend £50 in store, they are entitled to 7p off a litre of fuel until tomorrow, pushing prices back down to 93.9ppl.

"It's been really popular among customers and gets them into our store and forecourt," said director Andrew Faulks, promising further deals throughout the summer.

Stans Superstore is set to officially reopen today following a 5,000 sq ft ­extension to the front of the store.

"We really want to push out localness, especially as Tesco and Morrisons are set to open here soon," Faulks said.