Almost two thirds (61%) of young managers polled for our reader panel admitted on-shelf availability had been hit by the extreme weather over the summer.

Nearly half (47%) said they lost sales because products weren’t on the shelf, while 55% said they did not know well in advance that the summer would prove to be such a scorcher.

The managers, polled from IGD’s Leading Edge membership, said they tended to rely on short range forecasts or information from trading partners when it came to forecasting.

One said: “We certainly were not prepared for the high temperatures and had to react quickly with regards to seasonal stock. I am unsure where the forecast came from but it was short range.”

Another admitted, “We were not even that advanced. We tracked the weather by looking out of the window and by responding to large customer demands.”

However, many had benefited from the hot weather, despite missing some opportunities. One manager said: “The planning involved led to significant increases in sales, which was very pleasing. Although availability was naturally impacted and we did lose some sales, it is not possible to ensure all stores are in stock 100% of the time.”