A garlic producer is hoping to turn waste into money with the launch of a new product.
The Really Garlicky Company is hoping to drum up demand for a relatively new concept in the UK market, garlic scapes.
The company is looking to market the stems of the garlic crop, traditionally used in Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Korea.
Owner Glen Allingham said: “When the scapes are newly budded and still in full curl, they are tender and provide a delightfully subtle garlic flavour.
“We have to cut them and store them in the space of a
week, so for this year we have cold stored the produce of about eight acres.”
He said this was the company’s first attempt to market the scapes and was hoping to supply the product to its current retailers, which number 120 and include Harvey Nichols and Peckhams. It is also interested in getting listing in the multiples, he added.