from a food ingredients supplier

SIR; I have just read the article in The Grocer (The Saturday Essay, May 28, p26) by Dr Elizabeth Whelan and can I just say: kudos to you, ma’am.
I work for a food ingredient supplier. Our technical department is trying to understand a recent demand from Tesco to join its spice control web site as a supplier to one of its suppliers. This has all come about due to the exaggerated press in response to the Sudan 1 crisis.
We find it ludicrous that we should have to join said site for an annual fee just to be able to supply a supplier.
We have been in business for more than 80 years. We have always kept and maintained the strictest quality control standards including, but not limited to, testing for unauthorised dyes before they are released into production.
Thank you for a great read and I think this whole thing should be put right. It does my nut in when things like this get blown out of proportion.