The president of Sun-Maid Growers of California has written to the Food Standards Agency to protest against its nutrient profiling model, the measure of sugar, salt and fat that has deemed raisins too unhealthy to advertise to children.

In a letter to Professor Alan Jackson, chair of the FSA’s scientific advisory board on nutrition, Barry Kriebel objected to the “arbitrary use of your 100g model” and also pointed out the UK Government’s own Change4Life public health campaign advocated raisins for children.

“How about giving a handful of tasty raisins as a treat?” Change4Life literature reads.

But the FSA told The Grocer Sun Maid raisins were less sugary than other raisins and were therefore not subject to advertising restrictions.

“Some [raisins] were classified as ‘healthier’ and some as ‘less healthy’,” said a spokesman.