Liberal Democrat peer Lord Clement-Jones says his campaign to relax Sunday Trading legislation will kick off in the autumn. The former Kingfisher director angered the independent trade last month by asking retailers to support a campaign to scrap the six-hour Sunday trading limit on stores over 3,000 square feet. He insisted pressure was not just coming from large DIY chains and out of town shopping centres. "This is not a B&Q plot. I can say quite categorically they are not the prime movers behind the campaign." Although some retailers "didn't want to stir up a hornet's nest", he confirmed he had the support of "some of the grocery multiples". He rejected claims the move would damage the independent sector. "If people want to go to a supermarket they plan the trip to coincide with the opening hours. I don't see the conflict. Convenience stores are more about impulse purchases." He was confident there was sufficient interest from consumers and retailers to launch a viable campaign but conceded persuading the government to set aside parliamentary time to pass through primary legislation was going to be difficult. Earlier this month the multiples gave a lukewarm response to the campaign on the basis of a lack of interest from consumers. {{NEWS }}