Supermarket property prices are recovering more quickly than other retail sectors, new statistics from IPD have revealed.

Supermarket values are now down just 13% on pre-recession levels. The figures mark a vast improvement on June 2009 when prices were a whopping 28% below their June 2007 pre-crash peak.

Their performance is in stark contrast with retail park values, which have ­recovered from being 48% down on their 2007 peak to 33% adrift; shopping ­centres, which were 46% down and are now 39%; standard retail, which was down 38% and is now 29% adrift; and variety shops, which were 40% off their record 2007 values and are now 26%.

Only central London shop values have closed the gap on pre-recession prices more, from 28% to 12.5%.

"The rate of recovery of supermarkets and central London shops has been faster than the broader retail market," said an IPD spokesman.

"It reflects more positive investor sentiment and rental growth compared with the rest of the market, which has struggled with rental recovery."

The statistics also revealed the value of retail warehouses was now down 32% on pre-crash levels after falling 47% during the recession.