Shoppers are increasingly making supermarkets their first choice destination for buying non-food, according to the Institute of Grocery Distribution’s new Shopper Insight report.

The report, The Non-Food Offer, reveals that 11% of shoppers would go to supermarkets just to buy non-food.

It also shows that grocery retailers are the main location for customers looking for household goods and toiletries.

More than three quarters of shoppers visit a supermarket first for household goods such as washing powder and toilet rolls. And two thirds would initially go to supermarkets to buy toiletries, versus 22% who would choose a specialist such as Boots.

However, supermarkets are losing out when it comes to clothes, cosmetics and electrical goods, with specialists being consumers’ preferred destination for these categories.

When it comes to healthcare, there’s an almost even split - 43% would buy products from a specialist first and 39% would look for them at a supermarket.