The October issue of What Hi-Fi? is being supported by a 44-page supplement called Top DJ Gear. The magazine, which average sales per issue of 75,255 (ABC, July to December 1999), is to go on sale with the supplement on August 30, at the normal price of £3. "This is the third year running we've run a supplement covering everything anyone would want to know about DJ equipment," explains What Hi-Fi? associate publisher Emma Lees. "The supplement is always extremely popular, acting as a strong draw to encourage off-shelf sales. "What Hi-Fi? sells particularly well through independent retail stores," continued Lees. "Independent retailers receive 41% of our supply of What Hi-Fi? magazines. So we are expecting the Top DJ Gear supplement to increase sales even further." The 44 page supplement is in the style of What Hi-Fi? magazine and will include advice on how to set up as a DJ. It will also carry in-depth reviews focusing on areas such as turntables, CD players and head phones. Features include the Top 100 dance tunes DJs just have to own, plus a behind the scenes look at KissFM. {{CTN }}