Sir; Ten years marks a useful point to review the progress of category management and your article, "Decade of Disservice", was timely. By now category management must be well embedded in any supplier, large or small. From my own experience, it is equally important if not more important for an own brand supplier to have a good grasp of the approach. A two-edged blade for many suppliers has been the establishment of separate Category Management' departments within the commercial structure. While this serves to increase focus, it can also distance category management from front line sales people. In my view, category management is very much a way of doing business and, as such, it needs to be adopted as a philosophy by the whole commercial team. The phrase paralysis through analysis' seems applicable to the approach described by Jonathan Smith. My experience, particularly with Tesco, is of a much more pragmatic and action oriented approach. This does not mean that analysis is un-important but that taking timely and effective action is more important. I would also commend that particular retailer for making the approach inclusive of all suppliers. However, in the final analysis it is down to the supplier to be pro-active with the retailer rather than vice versa. Andrew Ely By e-mail {{LETTERS }}