Grocery Aid, formerly Provision, the charity set up by the trade in 1993 to benefit the needy by redirecting surplus production of long life food and drink, will cease operations at the end of March. However, a statement as The Grocer went to Press, said donor suppliers will, instead, give products direct to other charities including the Salvation Army. Joanne Denney, Grocery Aid chief executive, said: "Improvements in production and supply chain efficiency mean that the availability of the long-life products the charity distributed has been reduced. "The focus now is more on surplus fresh foods which Grocery Aid does not have the infrastructure to deal with. "In order to maintain continuity of supply wherever possible, companies will redirect their donations to other charities including In Kind Direct, founded by Prince Charles in 1966, and the Salvation Army." Denney went on: "We would like to thank all firms who have donated so generously to Grocery Aid, and we are encouraged the needy will still benefit as the suppliers redirect their donations to other charities." {{NEWS }}