This week marks the start of an awareness campaign for Caravan, the trade's welfare charity.

Throughout July, August and September, you will notice the charity's camel logo appearing in the corner of many of the adverts appearing in magazines such as The Grocer, along with the words 'proud to support the industry charity'.

Companies that back the work of the charity have agreed to donate that space on their advertising as a way of reminding everybody else in the trade about Caravan.

The charity exists to help grocery people who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. At the moment Caravan is supporting about 1,300 former industry workers. They receive financial support and practical help. For instance: welfare assessors also check that each beneficiary has essentials such as a telephone and fridge.

The charity is also able to provide one-off grants for ­others who may not qualify as full beneficiaries, and £37,000 has been provided for a host of uses ranging from the installation of walk-in showers or double glazing, replacing boilers or fitting security equipment in recent years. Director general Gillian Barker says the campaign has an important purpose: "If we can increase our profile in the trade press, more people will be aware of the existence of the charity and hopefully will be more interested in its events and welfare work."

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