from Malcolm Carter, director general, Confectioners’ Benevolent Fund

Sir; Like the vast majority of people my heart goes out to the families of those thousands who have lost their families, homes and livelihoods in the wake of the Asian disaster.
I am aware that the sheer scale of this tragedy may deflect our thoughts from the 200 or more British families that have also been tragically affected.
In an effort to be of assistance may I through your publication say that both the major food trade benevolent funds, Caravan and The Confectioners Benevolent Fund, are here to help the families of the UK victims who may have worked in our industry and qualify for our support.
There are also some 200 other funds that support other UK trades and industries.
Could I ask that if any of your readers know of families that might value some advice and possibly our support, they either contact me on 0207 404 5222 or Gillian Barker at Caravan on 01252 515946.
We will be only too pleased to be able to assist at this very sad time.