Fewer than one third of independent retailers are in a position to invest in their businesses next year, according to The Grocer’s reader panel.
However, half of those surveyed said their sales improved in 2005, while 40% said they had stayed the same.
“I think people are getting tired of queues at Tesco Express petrol stations and everything coming in prepacks, and are coming back to traditional shops,” said one retailer in the Midlands. “Supermarkets selling goods at less than cost price is criminal, and the government should do something about it. I’d like to see the manufacturers have a go at them too.”
Some retailers said they were actually having an excellent year despite supermarkets taking over nearby convenience stores around them. “Our customers have stuck with us because they know us,” said one in Yorkshire.
Many felt that the importance of having a clean and tidy shop was growing all the time and one way to successfully combat the supermarkets’ influence.
However, retailers are
Gail Hunt