Bio-Synergy is taking edible strip technology into a new arena with the launch of a trio of Mouth Strips designed as an alternative to vitamin pills.

The company has made use of its heritage in sports nutrition and supplements to produce starch-based strips that dissolve on the tongue and come in resealable packs of 24 for £1.99.

Vitamin C strips featuring Bart Simpson are aimed at parents who can't get their children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables or vitamin pills, while Vitality and Energy strips, which combine caffeine and green tea and guarana, target adults leading a hectic lifestyle.

Multivitamin strips have a wider audience and contain vitamins C, E, K and B6, the vitamins the company claims are hardest to get from a "dodgy diet".

Soluble breath-freshening strips have been around for about five years in the US, and arrived here in 2003, with Extra Thin Ice and Listerine Actives ­introduced by Wrigley and Pfizer respectively. The technology has also extended to candy strips, other 'energy' lines, as well as dog treats and soaps.