Trade matters hugely for us in the UK and indeed for every country around the world. Without buying and selling - without trade between one person and another or one country and another - we would all be poorer. Our wealth is built on the breadth and choice of the markets we can sell to or buy from.

Today, more than 90% of the fruit and almost 40% of the vegetables we eat are imported. UK customers spend more than £1m a day on fruit and veg from Africa and a growing amount of this is on high-value fruit and vegetables - products such as fresh pineapple chunks and prepared vegetables that mean work for farmers and jobs for food processors.

In Africa the fresh fruit and vegetable trade benefits a million African farmers and their families. UK retailers and importers have led the way in developing African horticulture to supply shoppers with the fruit and vegetables they want year-round. This is very encouraging but we can do more. UK supermarkets turn over £100bn each year. Of this, they spend less than 3% - £2.7bn in 2006 - on products from developing countries.

We want to see this increase dramatically. In product categories such as freshly prepared fruit and veg, products that provide livelihoods for farmers and jobs for processors, we want to see UK retailers double the value of their trade with developing countries by 2015.