Work to radically overhaul the ready meals offering at T&S Stores is now under way. More than 40 suppliers met senior management at the convenience chain and thrashed out ideas about how to step up its chilled and frozen food range, said buying director Geoff Purdy. At least 10 suppliers were new to the chain. "We going right back to the drawing board," he said. "We're starting from scratch." After a day of presentations, workshops and discussion, 15 slots allocated for further meetings with T&S in January were filled "many times over," said Purdy. "The response was brilliant. "This is going to revolutionise ready meals at T&S and give us that extra piece in the jigsaw that makes customers come to us rather than someone else for their evening meal." New chillers and other equipment are also on the cards. Chief executive James McCarthy identified ready meals as a "huge growth opportunity" at the interim results presentation in September, describing the existing arrangements as a "complete hotch potch". {{NEWS }}