Dawn Williams, 41, receptionist, PDSA New Cross, London (The People’s Vets) My first impression of the bottle was that it was a very nice shape and design so I was hoping for an enjoyable drink. On pouring, it was a rich, dark ruby colour approaching that of a stout although it did not have an overpowering smell being rather bland in nature. Unfortunately on taking the first gulp I realised this was not for me. It was not overly bitter but had a slight liquorice taste to it and reminded me of Pontefract cakes, something else I would not choose to buy or eat. I struggled on in the hope that it might improve but, sadly, it did not. In the end I only just managed to finish the bottle before it finished me. That said, I am sure this will appeal to the more ardent real ale drinkers and so may well do well in the market. And the name? A spelling mistake surely. Rating out of 25 ­ 10 {{DRINKS }}