Sian Barnett, 28, graphic designer, Burgess Hill, West Sussex As a cava fanatic I was more than keen to volunteer as a taster for this Spanish Brut rosé cava. Visually, the packaging was different and interesting with it's bell-shaped bottle and minimalist labelling. A pale strawberry in colour, I was keen to see how this wine would fare against supermarket rosé cavas that I have tasted in the past. The answer, I'm afraid, is not that well. On first taste I found it bitter and somewhat musty, leaving what I can only describe as a chemical aftertaste. On a positive note, I was pleased to find that, unlike some cavas, it wasn't overly gassy, but on the whole I found this overbearing rosé cava rather difficult to drink and enjoy. At £7.99 I expected a lot more from its taste, especially when its rivals offer a lighter more appealing tasting wine at a much more reasonable price Rating out of 25­ 7 {{DRINKS }}