Jeff Dunn, 36, lives in Surrey and is sales manager for an insurance company. I'm definitely a Rioja drinker and the look of this one ­ from a quality, long established, trustworthy brand ­ told me I was going to enjoy it . The colour is a very dark plum red and it looks very full bodied. It smells of berries and oak, and not quite how I'd expect a Rioja to smell. It's not as heady as some Riojas. The first mouthful left a bitter taste on the tongue but I think that's because I didn't leave it to breathe long enough. When I came back to it later, the flavour was more intense and I could taste raspberries, while the aftertaste was slightly minty. It tastes better the more I have of it. I'd definitely buy it again ­ and if I did not know how much it cost I would pay up to £9 for it. Next time I'd know to let it breathe for a while. Rating out of 25 ­ 19 {{DRINKS }}